2 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Live In The Suburbs

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2 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Live In The Suburbs is a 23 October 2012 Roosh video in which Roosh drives through the suburbs while explaining why living there is a bad idea. Roosh mentions in a later blog post that living in the suburbs also produces bad logistics for same-day lays.[1]



I thought I'd mix it up a little bit and drive through the suburbs. Today I wanted to say two reasons why you should not live in the suburbs. The first one, which has been affecting me since I've been back for a month is that it reduces your sex drive. You just don't get as horny because you're not tempted anymore. I mean, I just don't see a lot of girls day-to-day here. Even in the coffee shop there's a lot of families, older people, elderly people. You're just not— not tempted. You need to see girls every day to get the hormones going. I'm pretty sure that all the years I spent living in the suburbs has cost me a thousand notches, maybe even more, because you know, when you're in Poland, you go out on a Monday, even after a weekend of partying and getting laid, but when you see a stream of ten girls at the mall, your body wants more, so you put in that approach on a Monday, where when you live in the suburbs, maybe you don't even talk to a single woman out of work from Monday through Thursday. Mmkay.

The second reason why you shouldn't live in the suburbs is because it starts making you care about material shit. When you have a place in the 'burbs, it's probably large, so you start to concern yourself with filling that place with things like stereo equipment, electronics. You want to buy a car, furniture, things that in the end don't affect your sex like and doesn't affect your happiness either. You know, you can be a 27-year-old guy, but now your, your life concerns comfort, you know, in 27, when you're that young, I think you should focus more on excitement.


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