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Juggling is women's favorite hobby. MCGOO writes:[1]

Actually any fertile women becomes violent when she steps outside of her natural role as mother. A wasted egg becomes 'egg on her brain'. Married women who have no children throw ashtrays and vases over nit picking non baby related shit whereas women that are kept stuffed like a turkey and producing nonstop are less likely to throw items in anger. Instead they'll throw things constructively like throwing or 'tossing' a cesar salad in the kitchen. And they'll take up 'juggling' as a hobby, juggling things like dirty diapers, lullabys and servicing their master. With a clean 'egg free' brain they can pursue their labor of love and favorite hobby JUGGLING. Juggling requires no shoes as you know and once she reaches nirvana with three diapers in the air, two more in the pail, a fresh wad of semen in her poot swimming like stormtroopers searching for that delectable egg, meatloaf in the oven as she closes the oven door with her foot, WHOOO, now that's JUGGLING baby. Why she's bound to forget about shoes altogether at that point. No need for shoes.
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