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King Warrior Magician Lover is a 1990 book that outlines the four archetypes of the mature masculine, enabling men to operate at their highest and best levels. The authors include professor of pscyhology and religion Robert Moore and mythologist Douglas Gillette, who provide a concept for men to grow and develop. (Full article...)

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Convict Conditioning
Convict Conditioning

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Donald Trump signing Executive Order 13769
Donald Trump signing Executive Order 13769

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"Beta boy logic: put women on pedestal, be content with them banging a succession of bikers through their 20s, pick them up post 30 and post the 160 pound mark, have children with them using their clapped-out eggs and uterine cavities, willingly hand over half your assets and all your children after being married a couple of years to them because they're 'not fulfilled', because somehow all women are 'worthy'.

"If she won't give you the best years of her life, why should you give her yours?" — Marcus Aurelius

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Which part of muscle does your girl care more about?

Arms? Abs? Chest? Which part of muscle does your girl care more about?
2017-03-26 13:33:09
Which part of muscle does girl care more about?
Arms? Abs? Chest? Which part of muscle does your girl care more about?
2017-03-26 13:32:41
Personality Problems/Disorders? in Millennial Slavic Esp. Russian Girls
Was gaming a Russian 9 in Prague last year when this idea really dawned on me. Had been gaming two other Russians, an 8 and a 7.5, that same trip, plus a couple Bohemians - 8.5 and 8. Observed simi...
2017-03-26 12:26:11
I am REPULSED by the present day typical male archetype
I don’t watch mainstream media entertainment. It literally repulses me so much that just listening to the dialogue makes my fucking skin crawl. I honestly can only stand a tiny amount, before I H...
2017-03-26 03:02:46
For y'all you fucking hard gainers.
For anyone who is trying to put down more calories but finds eating another meal unfeasible, try this.<br /><br />4 scoops of Waxy Maize Starch<br />2 scoops whey<br />16 ou...
2017-03-26 00:50:35
What's a good side gig for $$$?
Title. <br /><br />I finished college, paid off student loans, and have ample &#36;&#36;&#36; to maybe drop into a new venture. Career is going well and planned for the next...
2017-03-26 00:15:31
Hot TV Weather Girls
I'm supposed to be working on something important, but it's Sunday morning, I'm tired, bored, the weather sucks, and the neighbours are making too much noise. <br /><br />So...
2017-03-25 23:25:06
Thailand Brobeans. Help a farang out (y)
Looking for a shared apartment near Siam College today. If anyone has a place where I can crash for a month pm me. Anything works for now, couch etc Can also teach you basic mandarin ? If you have...
2017-03-25 22:17:48
Text game pitfalls (for me)
I find text game to be like walking in a minefield so I decided to compile a list of pitfalls that I've fallen into in recent times. <br /><br /><span style="font-weight: bo...
2017-03-25 22:03:52
Need advice urgently on girl that I've just started seeing
I've recently started corresponding with a girl that responded to my personal ad in an online student classified ad site. All-all-all, I've exchanged around 10 messages with her and talked...
2017-03-25 20:05:42
The Gamma Megathread
At the suggestion of Leonard D Neubache, observations and experiences of Gammas in the Wild can be placed here.<br /><br />So, I'll mention I lost my virginity due to a Gamma's...
2017-03-25 07:00:23
Kino hit a brick wall. What to do next?
1) Beginning: Went out with a girl for ice cream. She's Austrian if that is helpful in any way. Sat down on a bench and started to kino but girl said she wanted to take a walk so we went to t...
2017-03-25 04:27:39
What's the best way to get promotion? How can you make sure you won't be stuck in the same position for years and not get advanced? I work in the hotel business and I want to become a gener...
2017-03-24 23:41:24
Abundance Mentality Without Abundance
To preface this, I'm living with my parents in a small town with very limited options for meeting attractive girls and very little time to do it. This is by choice, for money. I'll be takin...
2017-03-24 18:22:22
Religious/conervative types
Hi folks, this is my first post here, although I've been lurking here for some time.<br /><br />How do you handle this type of conservative/religious type of girl. I mean this real...

2017-03-24 00:39:05