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Cockblocking is the purposeful hampering of a man who's trying to seduce a woman. It is done through various (hateful and pitiful) tactics and (negative) behaviors, all aimed at destroying the kino that the man is trying to build with his "chosen" woman. For example, trying to pull the pretty woman away, sitting at a bar table where man and woman are socializing, badmouthing the man within earshot of the woman, etc. (Full article...)

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Convict Conditioning
Convict Conditioning

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Ivanka Trump
Ivanka Trump

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"Sure, most Filipinas won't tell you about their fancy holidays in Paris, Venice or Aspen, they won't discuss complex geopolitical international issues or Greek philosophers, but if you enjoy sincere, bubbling, teen-like, touching personalities, you'll enjoy their company! And of course, you'll enjoy more than that, back at your place, so, it won't be a bad experience at all!" — Going strong (6 April 2016). "RE: Guide to Screening Filipinas for LTR Material". Roosh V Forum. 

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Chateau Heartiste(Roissy) Compendium

After recently completing both the DJ Bible and the Book of Pook(Game masterpieces, put this post on the backburner read them now), <br />it's dawned on me that a similar collection of po...
2016-07-28 03:00:09
Hooked up with my first girl now she's going cold.
The majority of this post is the full story as to how how we met and how I hooked up with her. The important part is in blue. Im an 18 year old high school student describing my expeirence with ano...
2016-07-28 02:19:06
Degenerate Rich Kids
I was recently watching a UK show called "Rich Kids of Instagram" which is all about degenerate rich kids doing nothing with their lives but partying and flaunting their wealth &amp;...
2016-07-28 01:02:49
What's a good affordable gift for a girl?
I need your help. This girl I'm seeing birthday is coming up and I'm broke. What's a good gift for around 50-60 dollars?
2016-07-27 22:05:11
Post what you did this week to become location independent/work remote soon
Guys, there's a few location independence threads, but they tend to be specific to a person or skill, and they tend to fade away after a while, so this thread will be the hub for all of us work...
2016-07-27 18:50:13
How to make money using a metal detector
I wasn't sure if you guys would be interested in hearing about this or if anyone has any interest in learning. <br /><br />For the last 15 years or so I have been a big military his...
2016-07-27 17:56:59
Materials Engineer Needed
My buddy and I have an idea and business plan for a product in the hiking industry that needs an engineer to develop and execute. I've had no luck on Google or in real life trying to find someo...
2016-07-27 06:11:36
Best Program For Iphones For Mass Texting and Pre-Schedualed Texts?
Hey everyone! I did a quick search on this and didn't find anything. The iphone doesn't have any features allowing you to send pre-scheduled texts. Also trying to mass text on the native...
2016-07-27 00:19:21
It's probably her goddamned roommate
Been seeing my main girl for about 5 months - met her on OKC.<br /><br />As I've posted in a couple other threads, it's overall been good with some episodes of drama thrown in r...
2016-07-26 16:00:03
Which Siberian city to chose for early September - for a week+
There is not much info on Siberian cities in the forum and I wanted to consult.<br />It was my dream to go to Siberia for a while. So far in Russia I have been only to the European side citie...
2016-07-26 14:22:49
Does Athens have a PP status nowadays?
Many older locals think Athens is a pussy paradise, while quite a few younger ones believe this not to be the case. Naughty Nomad left Athens for Thessaloniki without a second thought, still there...

2016-07-26 12:56:05