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A book by Michael Gilbert on the topic

Male disposability is an idea that often comes up in discussions of evolutionary psychology. It argues that, much like a farmer only needs one bull for every 50 cows he wants to impregnate, society won't suffer much if large numbers of men are lost to prison, mental hospitals, or early deaths, because women rather than men are the reproductive bottleneck. This is used as a justification for policies that give priority to looking after the safety and happiness of women rather than men.

According to Roosh, "Since no tribe has had a conscious goal of exponential growth, in some cases it’s possible to adopt the argument that losing one woman would have been less damaging to a tribe's long-term survival rate than losing one man, especially in tribes that lacked loafers or social justice warriors. I have not come across data that declares with certainty that men were indeed 'disposable,' as in expendable, worthless, and needless in humanity's march to dominate the planet." (Full article...)

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Convict Conditioning
Convict Conditioning

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Roosh V
Roosh V

"The first thing I want to share about free speech is that if you're not paying dearly for it, you're probably not exercising it. If your ideas match what the establishment wants you to think, in terms of what you learn through the media, through the universities, through entertainment, Hollywood, you are only stating what ideas they put into your mind, the ideas that are safe for you to believe. So when you speak those ideas, it's not really free speech. It's controlled speech. And as long as you exercise controlled speech, no one is gonna come after you. But the second you speak of things that go against what the establishment wants you to believe, then the attacks come, and attacks are expensive. If you get attacked in work, in school, if you have a business, attacks will cost you money. And the more money that you're having to pay for what you say, the more likely you are exercising your free speech." — Roosh (12 April 2016). "4 Things You Should Know About Free Speech". YouTube. 

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