Mastery (Robert Greene)

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Mastery is book written by Robert Green with many useful pointers[1] about man's innate ability to master skills and areas of expertise that help both define the man and the country and times the man lives in. It is a book that combines motivation, detailed historical narratives and science to paint a vivid picture of the path to true mastery. Robert Green uses many examples and many different approaches to explaining this, now due to modernism, highly esoteric concept to the reader and also the major common mistakes that men often make when setting out on their journey.

Roosh V writes:

The idea of mastery and craft is increasingly punished in modern society where easy fixes and hacks are preferred. No one wants to work hard to achieve a goal or dare take the untreaded path. Technology, which gives us so much without having to expend much energy, has enabled this phenomenon, causing people to avoid the repetition needed for mastery. Easy results are pursued instead, destroying the craftsmen model of the past.[2]