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On 6 April 2017, over 60 Tomahawk missiles were launched over an airbase in Syria. Donald Trump had stated prior to the strike that Bashar al-Assad was responsible for a sarin gas attack in the city of Idlib that had left 55 people dead.

The airstrike and Trump's remarks caused division in the online Trump community - many prominent voices in the community, such as Paul Joseph Watson, Styxhexenhammer666, Matt Forney, Lauren Southern and Paul Ramsey, retracted their endorsements, while others, such as Bill Mitchell and Tomi Lahren, remained Trump supporters, with Lahren claiming that Syria had "rattle[d] [the US'] cage". Tempers were flaring on Twitter after the attack. Watson partially retracted his statement later, claiming that he still supported Trump but didn't approve of the airstrikes. Conservative bloggers Brett Stevens and Vox Day believe that the missile strike on Syria was a strategic decision meant to have China become involved in taming North Korea.[1][2]


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