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Tinder is an online dating service accessed exclusively through its mobile application. Logging into the application currently requires a Facebook profile.


"The current interface"

The current version of the application limits standard (non-premium) users to 100 likes and 1 Super Like. Swiping a girl's image right or touching the heart "likes" them, and swiping the image left or touching the X "dislikes" the image. Swiping up or touching the blue star "Super Likes" them, which puts the user's profile near the front of her queue. Touching the picture opens her bio and images page, which can be escaped either with a phone back button or by swiping left on her first image.

Good vs Bad Areas[edit]

How to Succeed[edit]


Tinder is a primarily visual dating application, so the images presented are critical for maximum effectiveness. Each image should be reasonably edited (using filters from Instagram, for example), attractive, and varied.

Reasonably effective profiles should have the following types of image:

  • An attractive single-person image (usually the first), usually in business-casual-level attire
  • A formal dress picture
  • One or more pictures with friends (lady friends having fun is a plus due to pre-qualification)
  • One or more adventure or skill pictures (motorcycle pic, mountain-climbing pic, etc.)

There is some variance regarding shirtless pictures. For the particularly fit (toned core, strong arms, etc.) it can be effective, but better results might be achieved if the picture does not appear staged (e.g. getting out of the pool). Shirtless pictures are most common among posing, selfie-taking millennial boys with beta tendencies.

Nonsexual Uses[edit]

According to the New York Post[1], women have begun using the service to get free household labor from beta men attempting to get a date via Provider Game.