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In Virginia elections, 2017, there will be elections for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General. There will also be elections for all 100 seats in the House of Delegates, the lower house of the Virginia General Assembly. The general election is scheduled for Tuesday, 7 November 2017.


In Southwest Virginia, Trump's stronghold in the state, Stewart more than doubled Gillespie's support, and he received more votes than both Democrat candidates combined (though 177,000 more Democrats voted than Republicans statewide).[1]


The primary election was held on Tuesday, 13 June 2017.

Absentee voting for the Virginia primary began on 28 April 2017.[2] In-person absentee voting ends on 10 June.[3] There are 19 ways someone in Virginia can qualify to vote absentee.[4]

An application for an absentee ballot can be made online at

Legend of political inclinations[edit]

Party Political inclination Description
Republican Alt-right Endorsed Trump in the 2016 primary, or endorsed Stewart in 2017
Republican No relevant endorsements on record
Cuckservative Endorsed Gillespie in 2017
Democratic Establishment Democratic Endorsed Clinton in the 2016 primary, or endorsed Northam in 2017
Democratic No relevant endorsements on record
Progressive Endorsed Sanders in the 2016 primary, or endorsed Perriello in 2017
Libertarian Libertarian Is on the Libertarian Party ticket
Green Green Is on the Green Party ticket
Independent Independent Is running as an independent



Party Candidate Political inclination Comments
Republican Ed Gillespie Cuckservative Favored by early polls; has the most endorsements of Republican incumbent politicians
Corey Stewart Alt-right Pro-free speech candidate.[5] Called Ed Gillespie a cuckservative.[6] Endorsed by Trump's Virginia team.[7]
Democratic Ralph Northam Establishment Democratic Voted for George W. Bush twice.[8]
Tom Perriello Progressive He is the Bernie Sanders-endorsed progressive.[9]
Libertarian Cliff Hyra Libertarian Pretty standard libertarian platform.[10]

Lieutenant Governor[edit]

Party Candidate Political inclination Comments
Republican Glenn Davis Cuckservative Endorsed Gillespie
Bryce Reeves Republican
Jill Vogel Cuckservative Endorsed Gillespie
Democratic Justin Fairfax Progressive Endorsed by Bernie Sanders progressives[11]
Susan Platt Democratic
Gene Rossi Democratic

Attorney General[edit]

Party Candidate Political inclination Comments
Republican John Adams Republican
Democratic Mark Herring Establishment Democratic He endorsed Ralph Northam.

House of Delegates districts[edit]

District 2016 Presidential vote Incumbent Delegate Candidate for Delegate
Trump Hillary vote Party Name Party Political inclination Name Comments
1 80% 17% Republican Terry Kilgore Republican Cuckservative Terry Kilgore He endorsed Gillespie.
2 39% 56% Republican Mark Dudenhefer Republican Republican Laquan Austion Unclear what his political inclination is.[12] He's focusing on business-friendliness, transportation, and education.[13]
Democratic Democratic Jennifer Carroll Foy She's a public defender.[14] Her campaign is focused on education, women's rights and transportation.[15]
Progressive Josh King He's a sheriff's deputy.[16] He lost by only 115 votes in 2015. He's been described as progressive.[17]
3 82% 16% Republican Will Morefield Republican Cuckservative Will Morefield He endorsed Gillespie.
4 77% 20% Republican Todd Pillion Republican Cuckservative Todd Pillion He endorsed Gillespie.
5 76% 20% Republican Israel O'Quinn Republican Cuckservative Israel O'Quinn He endorsed Gillespie.
6 77% 20% Republican Jeff Campbell Republican Cuckservative Jeff Campbell He endorsed Gillespie.
7 63% 31% Republican Nick Rush Republican Republican Nick Rush
8 62% 32% Republican Greg Habeeb Republican Republican Greg Habeeb
Democratic Democratic Bryan Keele
Democratic Democratic Steve McBride Focused on economic security, education, and campaign finance reform.[18]

Local elections[edit]

James Lander, Arlington County School Board member, who came under fire for comments he made about the murder of Yeardley Love, is up for re-election. (See RVF thread.)[19] He ended up losing the primary.

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