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WE WUZ KINGS N SHEEEIIIT (commonly shortened to just the first three words) is a meme based on Afrocentric beliefs that the Ancient Egyptians were black. A copypasta was created and read out on YouTube, which is reproduced below.

"WE WUZ KANGZ," and other variant spellings, have grown in popularity recently.


We were kings and shit, niggas. I swear to God, man, am I fuckin' playing with you, man? We goin' to Egypt, nigga. We were- we- I was the ancestor of Egypt, man. And y-y-you tellin' me that, that-that-them- and that them Egyptians over there ain't black? Look at they skin, man! They black, man! A-and you- you know, man, like, l-like, I'm sorry man, we tryin' to go to space and shit, man! Like, fuck, man, these goddamn White people, man! I-I-I ain't sayin', man, these White people be ruinin' our lives, man! Shit, man! Look, l-l-l-l-let me tell you, man! Look, l-l- my gr- my grandmama, she part Egyptian, man! You tellin' me, l-l-l-l- King Tut Too Ta Too, tha-tha-tha-that's my, that's my great-great-great-great-great-great-grandpa, man! A-and you go tellin' me that these goddamn Egyptians ain't black! Shit, nigga! Look, look, look man, Julius Caesars was black. I don't know why these history books be lyin' to you. Julius Caesars was black, he wasn't White! The Romans were ruled by black people. Shit, man, I tell you what, I swear! Let all the black people in America go back to Africa, they gonna be wantin' us back!

Relates quotes[edit]

  • White folks was in caves while we were building empires…. We taught philosophy and astrology [sic] and mathematics before Socrates and those Greek homos ever got around to it.
    • Speech at Kean College (1994), transcribed in The Forward (December 1995), as quoted in Foolish Words : The Most Stupid Words Ever Spoken (2003) by Laura Ward, p. 192.

Related memes[edit]

Ayo Hol Up[edit]

Ayo Hol Up (also known as Smacks Lips Profusely) is a related copypasta, featuring a black man saying "AYO HOL UP" or simply "HOL UP", with many repetitions of the first two/three words punctuated with stereotypical African-American actions, always beginning with "HOL UP" and ending with "evolves from primate".


Common Filth parodied it as WE WUZ ROMANZ. In the video, he partially mocked alt-righters who complain that society is being destroyed and they can't get laid because of the Jews, without actually getting up and taking any action against them.

In June 2017, a Salt Lake City police officer posted a variant of the meme, depicting an Ancient Egyptian circumcision practice and reading "WE WUZ KANGZ! NO, YOU WERE DICK WASHERS" to the Facebook page of NAACP leader Bishop Talbert Swann. He then resigned from the force after Swann demanded a witch-hunt.[1]

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  • http://www.sltrib.com/home/5410355-155/layton-police-officer-resigns-after-racist